Here you find project summaries covering all areas of our core competencies. Additionally we develop individually tailored business plans on demand.

Organic Agriculture Network

In cooperation with farmers in Kenya we are creating a global network directly connecting consumers and producers. All crops will be cultivated according to the principles of organic agriculture. As a result we will be able to deliver superior quality and at the same time contribute to the restoration of the environment.

Investors can expect high increase in value since meanwhile organically grown products are in rising demand. In Europe the leading retailers already sell more than 10% of their food in organic quality and the local supply is limited. Our additional advantage will be fresh processing directly at the farm with innovative mobile equipment jointly used across our partners farms.

Sustainable Forestry

Based on more than 30 years experience in the forest industry we have developed a unique cooperation concept enabling Afforestation and Timber production in an environment friendly and profitable manner. A project in Tanzania recently proved our concept is capable to create employment and deliver highest returns with moderate investment. Contemporary modular sawmill technology transformed a previously worthless plantation within one year into a thriving venture.
A total investment of only 0.5 M € enabled the owner to start a sustainable production of 30,000 m³ timber annually and meanwhile he has sold the business for 12 Million €!

Of course we intend to go beyond timber only production and create AgroForestry permaculture parks growing organic food, fabric + tea integrated into the forest.

Business Process Outsourcing

Information Technology is a meanwhile omnipresent industry shaping the way we do business in an unprecedented manner. Consulting and Development in this sector attracts highest salaries and the demand is growing globally. Our expertise in Web Design, Programming + Service with a focus on Open Source Software enables us to satisfy all requirements and we are now preparing to build a new team with offices in Kenya, Netherlands and UAE.