Holistic Project Design + Management

Based on more than 30 years experience providing full service in the areas of Sustainable Forestry, Organic Agriculture and Information Technology in Germany now we are able to support you transforming your business or start a new one in Kenya and UAE as well. Learn how environment friendly and socially responsible project design is paving the road to a synergy of ecologic and economic progress.

Awareness about and taking responsibility of the impact on the environment is becoming increasingly Important if not mandatory across all industries. Giving preference to organic resources, clean technology and classy natural materials improves the quality of all projects in a very tangible way and has positive effects on the health and the sense of well-being for customers and employees.
On the bottom line will any meaningful CSR profile and Eco-balance enhancement contribute considerably to the acceptance and success of your projects, underline the position of the team as a leading force, increase access to the quickly growing green and impact investment markets and improve the image of your brand.

Based on lessons learnt during a long term practice in web design, programming and creative content writing we love to support in-house, customer and outsourced teams and management on every level. We will be able to implement unique solutions to connect all stakeholders with innovative project planning and productivity tools and a vibrant online community experience which can be seamlessly integrated across your marketing, production and training channels to highlight a trendsetting approach and maintain a prominent position at the top of your industry.