Our network contributes to the development of a sustainable economy by providing a mobile and internet platform to connect ecology-minded consumers, farmers and SME’s worldwide. While the intention has been initially to strengthen the development of organic farming and green technology in Kenya – we soon realized that it will be essential for farmers and entrepreneurs to get direct access to the global marketplace.

Moreover we believe it’s time to a transition from control to trust. Of course we require that our producers follow strict rules according to internationally agreed standards and we even want to push these standards ahead to address all environmental and social impacts any venture comes with. Our solution lies in the introduction of a Global Green Trust Label that is freely available to any manufacturer who agrees to follow our policies and allow us to visit their facilities at any time. This enables all members to convince themselves directly at the source about the special quality of our products.

Beside a comprehensive directory of green producers we will develop a complete lightweight and easy to use CRM toolkit. It will enable Farmers and SME’s to manage all their business records within their private user-space. You are invited to propose any features you want to see implemented in order to make this project really yours.

We intend to start with a focus on our core competencies:

  • Organic Agriculture

    Enabling small scale farmers to get in touch directly with customers and distributors everywhere on this planet opens additional income opportunities and improves  essential healthcare through cost saving natural alternatives. (e.g. artemisia annua, moringa, neem, tea tree to name but a few)

  • Sustainable Forestry – Charcoal, Firewood and Timber Production

    AgroForestry offers an enormous potential to mitigate the challenging effects of drought, improves the soil quality and overall farming productivity. It protects natural forests and increases the availability of carbon neutral energy sources for cooking and bakery. Newest technology and  production methods reduce the consumption and advance the cleanliness of burning contributing to improved air quality.

  • Clean Energy

    Solar, wind, geothermal and biogas offer endless sources of power to satisfy our always growing energy demand in an environment friendly way.

  • Business Process Outsourcing

    Global outsourcing is a growing market for SME’s and individuals and allows them to work from any location with high-speed Internet connection. Our network provides a bunch of useful resources like consulting, training & tools to facilitate access and connect with customers worldwide.

  • Eco Tourism

    Holistic healthcare, related courses, training and recreation is a booming sector with a central and meaningful impact. As everywhere we follow true sustainability guidelines and will watch over compliance with our quality standards.

Additionally we support the marketing of any other sustainable product and service on demand and will integrate suitable categories into our directory to present them appropriately.

Compliance with the principles of environmental conservation and social justice is an essential requirement for active participation. Members who meet these terms in all of their business activities are welcome to join and offer their services and products on our platform.