How to attract the ideal husband

You have ceased to be an unsuspecting woman who is unfamiliar with the way your subconscious works. You know that everything takes shape in your life that you impress on your subconscious. So fill it with the vivid imagination of all those qualities and traits that you would like your man to endow with. There is no reason to give up. It is much more important to act – today! In the evening, sit in a comfortable armchair, close your eyes, forget the tiredness and worries of the day, relax and put yourself in a peaceful mood. You are completely passive and receptive. Now address your subconscious with these words:
“I feel a man turn to me who is honest, sincere, loyal, loyal, peaceful, happy and wealthy. All these advantages are deeply impressed on my subconscious. As I indulge in their spiritual contemplation, they become part of my self and take shape in the subconscious. I know there is an irresistible principle of attraction, and trusting it I now call the man who corresponds to my subconscious beliefs. I am unshakably convinced that everything my subconscious believes will be realized. I know I can add to that man’s peace and happiness. We have the same ideals. He wants me for who I am, and I don’t want to change him either. We are connected by a feeling of love, freedom and mutual respect. „
Practice these sentences until you have become used to them. You will experience the great joy that the man who comes into your life has the characteristics and character traits you have dreamed of. The wisdom of your subconscious will bring the two of you together. Awaken in yourself the best that you have to give: all the love and devotion of which you are capable. And the love you give will be rewarded a thousandfold.

How to attract the ideal woman

The man must act in the same way, and he will use similar words:
“I feel the woman turning to me, who complements me with the most beautiful and perfect devotion. An intimate spiritual bond is tied between her and me, and our mutual affection becomes a vessel of divine love. I know I can give this woman warmth of the heart, peace, happiness and joy. I can fill this woman’s life with all that is beautiful. I see them in front of me. She has the following characteristics and advantages: She is sensitive, kind, loyal, true and intimate. It is harmonious, peaceful and happy. We are irresistibly drawn to each other. We will live together in love, truth and beauty. I have the ideal partner. „